Total Malfunction LLC is Owned and Operated by
Jacob Benjamin Crooch.
Hometown: Geneva, IL
First Jump: 12 MAY 1996
                  Madera Parachute Center, CA
4000+ total jumps
1500+ Tandem  1000+ Video  500+ AFF
FAA Senior Parachute Rigger
2010 USPA Nationals 4-way Advanced VFS Silver Medal
        with SDC SubStandard
2011 SDC Summerfest Film Fest winner "Canopy Song"
2012 Guinness World Record jump. (Largest Flag)  Videographer
2013 FLCPA meet #2 Third Place
Total Malfunction LLC is dedicated to making skydiving a safe and fun experience for everyone interested in the sport. We provide Tandem Skydives, Accelerated Freefall instruction, Coaching and Demonstrations for celebrations and special events.
We're proud to be affiliated with the United States Parachute Association and adhere to the USPA and FAA safety regulations.